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Kaitlin Bennett Man: Meet The Person That Partnered To ‘Gun Girl’

Poor Kaitlin Bennett can’t discover a break. Initially emerged the scuttlebutt that this bird encountered the equivalent of a potty-training collision at a college event. Right now she’s facing allegations that the woman wedding is definitely a farce. That’s right—now that Kent say “Gun Girl” have graduated, she’s an AR-toting spouse. But who join wed this debatable political super pole? Receive the particularly Kaitlin Bennett’s wife, Justin Moldow—including a juicy conspiracy concept that folks tends to be distributing about him or her.

Kaitlin Bennett To Get Recognized For Being “Gun Girl”

Kaitlin Bennet is known as the “Gun Female.” An avowed conservative and pro-Trumper, she generated headlines in 2018 for working out this model right to open up haul. She decided this lady graduating day at Kent county being the environment on her attention stunt:

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