Automotive Business Club

A new initiative to find together answers and solutions needed to stay competitive and work better: in synthesis this is the idea of Raff (ABC), promoted by Michele del Prete, General Manager of Raff sas.

The first meeting was held on 10 February in the seat of Raff, in Casoria (NA).

Raff ABC Automotive Business Club


Michele Del Prete explains the project of the Club, born from the need to seek practical solutions, that together with the new rules of business, can be an anti-crisis aid.

The intent is to share experiences, ideas, goals of all stakeholders, businessmen and their team. The goal of this initiative is to improve the welfare of all Club members as a people, through a training and motivational, for the attainment of individual and professional goals.
Michele Del Prete, with the interaction of all participants defines the Club’s VISION, which is expressed in:

“Get the Growth of all operators in the sector, through the exchange of ideas, sharing of know-how, creating new opportunities and creating synergies that help to create a market where competition incentives to give the best of themselves, in a fair and ethical climate with a result win / win”.


Raff makes available to the Club and its participants, its structure, the Business Coach Pasquale Tardino, various company consultants and cooperation of all its staff. When fully operational, the club will also have an organization with specific functions assigned to members.

As an introduction Pasquale Tardino interacts with participants to define the mission of the Club with the various interpretations of ABC, he defines the first three things that determine the results of a Company:

  • Self-motivation, that is the powerful internal pressure, which if supported by a noble purpose involves the employees and becomes magnet for customers;
  • Bases Organization. How to bring the company to excellence, so that all the resources (people, materials, resources) are coordinated with each other in order to guide their results towards the ultimate goals, all in a challenging environment;
  • Courage, intended as a desire to get involved, addressing the world changes and market changes, exceeding its limits, because the real competition every day is mainly about themselves;

A MISSION which can be summarized as:

“Having the courage to change things with the power of personal motivation, putting into operation a better organization Corporate and operating in a challenging environment for productivity”.

Raff Raff ABC Automotive Business Club
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