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Raff's origins

Our mission

The origins of Raff are placed in the 70’s for initiative of Mr Raffaele Del Prete, who was encouraged to start the business as a distributor of Auto and Truck Parts from his extensive experience in this sector, experience that he matured into a big company committed in the distribution of spare parts for Fiat and Iveco.

The company’s strategy starts his change from 2000 and the new management team identifies his growth by introducing of new products and by giving a better customer service experience to its clients.

In the last years, the contribution of Michele Del Prete and of all his internal collaborators, has permitted a strong acceleration in the development of many aspect like the internal processes, sales, communications with the clients, marketing and creation of a brand identity.

The market is constantly changing and customer expectations change with it. In support of this change Raff aims with well-defined strategies and levers, in order to stand out from other competitors. Raff believes that the basis of modern distribution are to offer a great service to the clients and help them to overcome the daily difficulties. The mission is to be constantly open to innovations and market changes in order to become a partner of customers and not just a supplier.

Our specializations

Car spare parts
Temperature engine and interior parts
Spare parts air-conditioner
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