Aftermarket Car Parts

Air, oil, fuel, cabin

Tensioner bearings and auxiliary parts, kits wheel bearings, bearings truck

Pads for brake discs; Brake Discs

Steering linkage – Kit Distribution Chain

Engine Cooling – heat cabin candles – Glow plugs – Alternators – Starters – Thermostatic valves

Cabin air filters with active carbon

Thermal engine – Air conditioning for vehicles

Thermal engine – Air conditioning for vehicles

Thermal motor – vehicle air conditioning

Gaskets for engine, cylinder heads, manifold and intake / exhaust change, Cups Oil, turbocrompressori. Oil seal; head bolts; sealants

Mechanical steering boxes – Kit distribution chain

Brake and clutch cylinders, pumps, brakes and clutches, brake shoes and Easy Kit

Injection coils, plug wires

Flexible controls and brake hoses

Timing belts; belts; belts poly – V; distribution Kit

Lamps, wiper brushes. Complete Program for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling

Complete program of spare parts for cars Aftermarket Asian, British and American

Thermostats for vehicles

Petrol pumps

Braking with tradition

BAROCLEM The right battery for any vehicle

The battery for cars and trucks with the best quality at the right price

Full program of aftermarket parts for Asian, British and American cars

Thermostats for cars

Shock absorbers and springs overload

Brake discs and brake drums

Particulate filters passenger compartment

Brake and disk pads

Thermal motor – vehicle air conditioning

Wipers brushes – candles – glow – ignition parts


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